Alex Muela

Alex Muela

Teaching Artist (Guitar)

Mexican, with roots in El Norte of Chihuahua, I found music as my truest language when young and since then my life has been a voyage through sounds and the way they connect to the life we daily encounter.

I believe creativity has the power to germinate in each aspect of everything we do wholeheartedly and I strive to teach under that principle. I want to build a space of freedom in which my students can find meaning in art, but also one in which their families can continue to witness the invaluable influence artistic expression can bring to life.

Looking forward this year at SOUNDS:

My goal is to guide my students to define their personal objectives through our education tools and encourage them no matter what.


Jazz guitarists Shaun Mahoney, Jonathan Kreisberg and Kurt Rosenwinkel. As well as a wide range of artists from alt rock music to experimental electronic genres.

I attended multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lott’s trio Son Lux! Probably the best concert I ever been to.