Cortez Sanchez

Cortez Sanchez

Development Intern

Cortez Sanchez is a Development Intern for SOUNDS Academy. Before arriving at SOUNDS Cortez has held a variety of positions both inside and outside of the nonprofit sector. From facilitating art workshops in the District of Columbia, to being a first responder, to managing multi-family housing in the Phoenix Metro Area. The Washington Peace Center has awarded him with the “Be the Change” Award and he has continued to think outside of the box when it comes to implementing social change.

Cortez’s interests include integrating art into the education process, storytelling, fundraising and civic engagement.  He is thrilled he has landed at SOUNDS Academy to apply his skills towards creating favorable outcomes for young people in the local community.

Cortez has relocated from the DC Metro area to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Women and Gender studies at Arizona State University. Upon graduation he plans to continue to inspire community involvement and civic engagement. 

When not at work Cortez can be found singing karaoke, being active on campus, binge listening to podcasts, or discovering new adventures in his neighborhood.