Sherri Maxson

Sherri Maxson

Teaching Artist (Piano)

I am a musician with fifty years of piano playing experience. My motivation to play the piano began with an outstanding beginning teacher who inspired me, encouraged me, and showed me tough love when I did not practice. The persistence, purpose, and vision I was fortunate to gain is what I will pass on to my piano students.

I was classically trained through high school. I attended California Baptist University in Riverside where I earned a Behavioral Science degree and a music minor. It was during my time as a student that my musical focus turned to Gospel and more contemporary pieces.

I have worked in church settings as senior musician and music coordinator in multiple churches. I have directed and accompanied soloists and ensembles and have taught and directed choirs with children, adults, and senior adults from 80 to 99 years of age.

Outside of my world as a pianist, my professional career revolved around college admissions. I was the Director of Admissions for Grand Canyon University and coordinated recruitment and enrollment in four additional colleges. I also worked at the Arizona Kidney Foundation raising funds, planning events, and writing copy for their newsletter as well as providing information for kidney patients across the state. I have volunteered for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and currently volunteer as a pianist for the Mayo Clinic. All these positions have given me the passion to serve those from all walks of life and in any capacity.

As a novice teacher but professional at Sounds Academy, I want to teach “The Dreamer,” “The Thinker,” “The Artist,” “The Builder,” and the little boy down the street who wants to learn a song other than Chopsticks. These special children will learn life at the keyboard and be successful far beyond 88 keys.

Other: I stay entertained by my husband, three grown children, and seven grandchildren. I like to spend time with friends over a fine meal. I write for personal enjoyment. I love to travel, and my favorite place is to go home and play the piano for Mom!