Callie Worthen

Callie Worthen

Head Student Intern

Callie Worthen was born in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul. She relocated to Arizona in 2012 and now considers Phoenix her hometown. She is a homeschooled high school student who loves learning and helping others, which is why she joined the SOUNDS Academy team.

Callie has been a student of SOUNDS Academy since 2018 when she started taking lessons for the violin and later added the viola in 2023. She has studied under many teachers, including Julian Ngyuen, Christopher McKay, Cindy Baker, and Vivi Erickson. In 2020, Callie became SOUNDS Academy’s first high-school student intern, where she works closely with our CEO and Founder, Kirk Johnson, and the SOUNDS Academy Admin Team to provide administrative support in operations, programing, fundraising, and marketing. Some of her projects include assisting with special events and donor management, running the SOUNDS Academy Social Media pages, creating and presenting reports on our communication metrics, and leading team meetings.

She has been a member of The Collective since 2019. She has performed in many venues like the George Washington Carver Museum, Symphony Hall, Onyx Art Gallery, and the Nash Jazz Club. While she often performs solo, primarily on violin, Callie greatly enjoys chamber music, specifically on viola, because she finds it more enjoyable to play the accompanying part rather than the melody.

In addition to the performing arts, Callie is also a visual artist. She works with several materials including clay, paint, fiber, and photography. Her photo credits include many of the photos from the 2022 and 2023 SOUNDS Academy Summer Camps.

Callie hopes to earn a scholarship to a university to study music, art, or communications when she graduates from high school and wants to remain an active member of the SOUNDS Academy Family.