KRJ Scholarship

Keith R Johnson Scholarship

Keith Johnson was a devoted supporter of education and music. He gave valuable advice and council to many relatives and friends. As an avid singer and guitar player in his church, Keith loved all music genres. Keith strongly supported the mission of SOUNDS Academy.

The KRJ Scholarship was created in order to provide collegiate experience for children in SOUNDS Academy. Through organization and individual donations, every year during our Annual Benefit Concert, students are awarded scholarships to go to college or participate in summer collegiate opportunities.

Students of SOUNDS Academy have received scholarships to attend the following colleges and summer programs:

Arizona State University
Curry Summer Music Camp
Dominican University
Grambling State University
Ithaca College Summer Music Academy
Northern Arizona University
String Quartet Camp
Stringwood Chamber Music Festival
University of Arizona
WVYO Chamber Music Summer Camp

Scholarship Recipients

2022 Recipients: Lily, Moreno Angie Pineda, Caleb Simpson

2021 Recipients: Annika Capulla, Hannah Barrett, Raymond Zou

2020 Recipients: Cameron Henderson-Cole*

2019 Recipients: Aaron Barrett, Hannah Barrett**, Chris Brown, Nathaniel Garcia, Cameron Henderson-Cole**,  Abraham Kim, Israel Kim, Jena Lee, Chloe Olson, Sarah Pineda, Katelyn Luu, Calvin Worthen

2018 Recipients: Isaac Barrett, Chris Brown, Annika Capulla**, Naila Castaneda, Nathaniel Garcia, Carter Henderson-Cole, Erin Larson, Abby Mintz*, Carlos Ricardo Munoz*, Chloe Olson, Janae Pierce*, Spencer Randall, Calvin Worthen

2017 Recipients: Chris Brown, Annika Capulla, Carter Henderson-Cole, Danielle Hillis, Christine Kowalski*, Abby Mintz**, Carlos Ricardo Munoz

2016 Recipients: Chloe Calvino*, Annika Capulla, Christine Kowalski, Abby Mintz, Carlos Ricardo Muñoz, Jean Carlo Muñoz*

2015 Recipients: Chloe Calvino, Cameron Henderson-Cole, Christine Kowalski, Abby Mintz, Carlos Ricardo Muñoz, Jean Carlo Muñoz

2014 Recipients: Christine Kowalski, Reina Montalbo*, Jean-Carlo Muñoz

*graduating senior
** NAU Curry Summer Institute (in collaboration with Northern Arizona University)