School Program

School Program

School Programs provide instrumental instruction in a group setting at schools and community centers. Students learn the character values of creativity, leadership, perseverance, resilience, and teamwork through music education. While in the School Program, students receive instruments, music books, and other supplementary materials. The classes teach note reading and the fundamentals of instrument performance in bi-weekly hour-long classes. Students perform for the community at the end of each semester.

“This program sets our school apart from others in the district, and it shows.”

Principals have told us that their biggest struggles in providing quality music programs for their schools surround:

  • 1: Ease of Access: Finding quality programs and teachers
  • 2: Affordability: Finding funding for music education activities
  • 3: Sustainability: Finding a program that aligns with school culture for years to come

If you share any of these problems and would like SOUNDS Academy to help, please contact us:

We are not a substitute for a music teacher, however we can help to bring music opportunities and experiences to the students of your school. Schools can now have SOUNDS Academy in their schools. Contact us to set up a conversation to see if SOUNDS Academy is a good fit for your school.



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“This program should be in every school! They give our students an opportunity to shine and showcase their hard work.”