Janie Dailey

Teaching Artist (Piano)

Janie is a pianist, teacher and composer from Los Angeles California. She began piano lessons at age seven and after receiving a full-ride music scholarship, continued her studies at Grand Canyon University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance under the direction of Dr. Juan Hernandez. Janie has performed live in over 300 concerts, toured the U.S. as band director for an award winning chorus and has work featured on national television. Janie is a composer at Atrium Music Library. Her work has been featured on TLC’s My Giant Life and she has spent countless hours collaborating on short films and live productions.

Growing up in a musical family, Janie instantly fostered an enthusiasm for music. Classically trained and proficient in improvisation, Janie’s exposure to various styles fuels her eagerness to teach, collaborate, and continue to explore musical opportunities. Janie enjoys helping youth develop their craft. As an instructor, she strives to give individuals the opportunity to cultivate their passions and help guide them on their journey to becoming a well-round musician.