Meet Jane N' The Jungle

Meet Jane N’ The Jungle

Jane N’ The Jungle is a talented alternative rock band from Phoenix, AZ. They will be one of the featured performers for Sounds of Seamus on September 17th. This has been an incredible year for the band as they have released their first music video and will be releasing their debut album later this year. Learn more about Jane N’ The Jungle and their musical journey, their recording experience, and their experience of making a music video!

Featured Artist: Jane N’ The Jungle
Interviewer: Brandi L

-Tell us about your musical journey.

Brian Dellis and I have been pursuing music for 3 years together, and formed “Jane N’ The Jungle” a year and a half ago.  We originally started out as a garage band that now has developed into a solid performing alternative rock band here in the valley as well as nationally.

-What made you want to pursue music?

It’s my passion.  I first started singing at age four and sang all throughout elementary, middle and high school.  I took voice lessons, and was a member in Choir, Drama and a Spirit Captain of our Cheerleading team.  I graduated with a Musical Theater BFA from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)  I have always loved music, and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in music.

-Why is music education important for children?

I think music education is important because it’s the foundation of building the tools that you need to develop your confidence and skills so it can help magnify your talents and showcase yourself as an artist.

-Why are programs like SOUNDS Academy important? I think programs like SOUNDS Academy are important because they offer an artistic outlet for kids to do and learn something different.  It’s internally helping them learn, grow and figure out who they are while being in a safe environment.  It’s nice that places like this can offer music affordably for kids.

-What inspired you to make music together?

I did music for a long time and after I graduated from college with a musical theater degree, I was a singer/ songwriter with an acoustic guitar doing shows in Hollywood, Chicago, Nashville and Phoenix. Brian went to the same K-12 grades with me, but we never spoke or met until after college.  He was more into punk rock bands while I was more indie/ folk. He went to one of my shows and he was inspired and had suggested working together. It was very casual and no pressure.  At our very first practice, we wrote the song “Gold” which we still play today. After that song, we realized that we had something special together.

-What was the creative process like for your debut album that is set to be released this October?

We’ve been doing pre production for the record that started over a year ago. There will be 6 songs on the album making it our first official EP.  I am the Executive Producer of the “Jane N’ The Jungle” record being released this October with Phase 1 Producer Bryan Kuban and Phase 2 Producer Bruce Monical.  Songs were tracked at the Saltmine Studios with tracking engineer Andre Nelson, and assisted by Orlando Green – Bush, performed by Jordan White, Brian Dellis, Leah Brooks and Kit Halloff.  Overdubs, and edits at Kube Music engineered by Bryan Kuban, mixed at Capitol Records Studio B engineered by Bruce Monical with assistants Chandler Harrod and Diego Ruelas, mastered at Lurssen Mastering engineered by Gavin Lurssen.  We are very thankful for this musical journey the record has taken us on and appreciate all the talented engineers and producers that have worked on this record and can’t wait to share it with everyone soon!

-You recently put out your first music video (“Shake Me Out”), what was that like?

“Shake Me Out” is our first music video we released on the record directed and filmed by Rachael Smith with Ray Squared Photography.  It was a lot of fun being apart of the creative process and seeing it all come together.  We are excited to release our 2nd music video by Rachael Smith “Smoke & Dust” on August 15th!  Stay tuned for our 3TV performance!

-What has been the biggest challenge for your band? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge we have faced as a band have been overcoming the hurdles of this record and weeding out negative situations and people who don’t believe in the vision.  It’s helped us to become stronger in growing our communication skills and relationships by being honest and following our musical path with integrity.  We are happy to release our album with these songs that musically reflect our musical journey this far.

-What advice do you have for musicians overall?

Never give up and keep going.  Even if you’re told you’re not good enough or you can’t do it, don’t listen. Keep following your heart and passion, you can make any dream come true.

-Between the characteristics of creativity, leadership, perseverance, resilience, and teamwork; which speaks the most about your journey so far? Why?

Teamwork. Communication is key to teamwork because communicating with the band mates and the crew is important.  Each member adds a special element and dynamic to the group and it’s been a fun learning experience working together as a team and growing stronger as a band.

-Any last words?

We want to thank SOUNDS Academy for letting us be a part of Sounds of Seamus and feel so grateful to help shine the light on a great cause.  Thank you!

“Keep following your heart and passion, you can make any dream come true.” -Jordan White